Video from 2012

U.S. Forest Service Botanist Jan Schultz: Fighting Invasive Weeds in Midwest/Restoring Native Plants

2012 Zaagkii Project: “Be tenders of the garden” – Hannahville Potawatomi Elder Earl Meshigaud

2012 Zaagkii Project: U.S. Forest Service, Native Americans guard pollinators, restore native plants

2012 Zaagkii Project USFS, tribes share tech, protect native plants/pollinators: Bumblebees/Monarchs

Video from 2010

United States Forest Service sponsored Zaagkii Project featured on Pollinator Live

Video from 2009

2009 Zaagkii Project Vid #9: Teens Painting Mason Bee Houses in Northern Michigan

2009 Zaagkii Project Vid #8: Marquette, Michigan Teens Build Mason Bee Houses

Zaagkii Project Butterfly Houses: Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, U.S. Forest Service

2009 Zaagkii Project Vid #6: “The Butterfly Lady” Susan Payant teaches teens about Monarchs

2009 Zaagkii Project Vid #5: Terracotta half-life, Marquette, MI band supports environment projects

2009 Zaagkii Video #4: Michigan teens meet 150,000 swarming honeybees with beekeeper Jim Hayward

2009 Zaagkii Video #3: Michigan teens give away mason bee houses, honor supporters

2009 Zaagkii Project #2: Historic KBIC native plants greenhouse, USFS protects pollinators

2009 Zaagkii Project #1: Students make bee houses, plant native species plants

Video from 2008

Zaagkii Wings & Seeds Project: Northern Michigan teens, KBIC tribal youth protect pollinators

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